About Us

Documedia is a Top 25 iPROMOTEu affiliate out of 700 nation-wide and has been named a Top 100 Distributor by the premiere North American multimedia peer trade association, the Print Services Distribution Association. We have served thousands of organizations throughout North America since 1999 and have personal and active representation in California, Arizona, and Washington State which continues to provide our clients with cost-effective print and branded promotional product solutions.

From the simplest business form to the most complex marketing campaign, we provide your business with the products it needs to operate most efficiently and effectively. We are your solution for maintaining a dynamic presence in the marketplace. Documedia Group continues to help companies succeed, one person at a time.

Welcome to Documedia Group

We strategically produce and manage printed material, branded promotional products, marketing and mission-critical direct mail, and fulfillment services saving you substantial time and resources which allows you to focus on your core business.

Our international network of strategic partners plus the dynamic affiliation with iPROMOTEu allows us to offer quality products, responsive turn times, effective project management, trusted delivery dates, and proactive, personal customer service.
Since 1999, Documedia Group has provided these services to organizations and businesses, large and small, in the areas of:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Distribution
  • Government & Special Districts
  • Non-profit
  • Construction & Energy
  • Financial
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate

and every other field where efficient business processes, effective communication and brand awareness are critical to an organization’s success.
Call the professionals at Documedia Group. We will meet your needs, respect your budget, and exceed your expectations.

Our People

Get ready to shake hands with our friendly staff and dive into your project with designers who create a personal experience, communicate easily, and are aiming for your success! The diverse expertise of our staff covers the whole gambit of print communications. These professionals are committed to patient consulting with each client, and ultimately cultivating a product which conveys your brand with excellence!

Pam Bierly

Account Representative

800.572.9991 ext. 105

Lee Boone

Account Representative

800.572.9991 ext. 107

Nina Chavez

Account Representative

800.572.9991 ext. 108

Larry Cree

Account Representative

800.572.9991 ext. 120

Jane Cree

Account Representative

800.572.9991 ext. 122

Lanny Doyle

Account Representative

800.572.9991 ext. 117

Ron Martindale

Account Representative

800.572.9991 ext. 111

Jim Nolin

Account Representative

800.572.9991 ext. 113

Lori Shaw

COO& Customer Service Manager

800.572.9991 ext. 101

Doug Warneke

Account Representative

800.572.9991 ext. 116

Got questions? We want to hear from you. Our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible!

Let us make your next print communication into something that grabs attention, inspires action, and resonates with hearts and minds.

Communicating visually through print to show a more personal investment in your clients and future customers just makes sense. Contact us with your business communication service needs today!

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